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Pultec EQP1A

******* IN STOCK NOW! *******

EQP1A Price: $165.00 (+ shipping)

Drip Electronics is pleased to announce the release of the Pultec EQP1A printed circuit board.

this design maintains verbatim the original amplifier section , word for word !
not 'enhanced' , no making it 'better' we give you the pure unadulterated classic , as intended.



this design incorporates sowter's pultec eqp1a line of transformers (E-type) and mounts seamlessly onto the pcb .

nothing surpasses the quality of sowter ; you will be impressed with the craftsmanship

and silky tone of these MU-METAL encased transformers .

this design is super quiet , and performs as a pultec should ,

the pcb will sound superb using a modest selection of parts ,
or you can go wild with riken resistors and  mundorf caps : the choice is yours .

please enjoy this new drip release

.093" fr4 pcb
3oz copper

6x4 (OR gz34)

multiformat capacitor footprints for filter circuit (EQ)

standard radial electrolytics or external mount filtering capacitors.

pcb mount (3/8) transformers

shielded top plane





For questions, please email: info@dripelectronics.com